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Futures Department Ambassadors for National Careers Week

Monday 2 March 2020

We are delighted to be ambassadors for National Careers Week, which is a weeklong promotion of careers related activity, which highlights the importance of effective and relevant provision in schools and colleges.

The school has a long and distinguished history of supporting students with their planning for the future, and for the past four years, we have hosted one of the largest HE Fairs in the country, which is also attended by students at both local schools and colleges. We are proud of the number of students who on an annual basis, secure places at some of the most prestigious universities not just in the United Kingdom, but on a global level, with the majority of Salopians gaining access to their first choice Universities.

We are keen to support Salopians beyond their time at school, and some of the activities planned for National Careers Week provide a snapshot of this. On Monday, 5th Form pupils will be attending workshops entitled ‘Hidden Careers’, where we will be joined by parents and former students who are achieving great success in roles which you would not describe as traditional. With the world of work changing rapidly, it is important we ensure students are kept informed of what their future options might look like.

On Tuesday, our 4th form for the first time will take part in the National Enterprise Challenge, where key employability skills such as teamwork, creativity, and communication will be developed through a series of challenges.

Later in the week, the entire Lower 6th will be attending a mock assessment centre, where in addition to the traditional mock interview, students will have the opportunity to experience recruitment processes now utilised more commonly by graduate employers.

3rd Formers on Saturday will be attending a PSD lesson on decision making, a theme that runs through all of our careers-related work.

This is just a snapshot of our developing provision. Amongst other things, we have invested in video interview software, various careers platforms to support future planning, introduced an employer mentoring scheme, and have developed our own employability skills programme where from third formers have the opportunity to reflect on how they are developing their skills and competencies which will be essential for the future.

With continued support from The Salopian Club and our fantastic parent body, we look forward to demonstrating our support for not only national careers week, but our full and ongoing commitment to supporting students with their future planning.

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