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eNews: Thursday 18th October

Notices to Parents

House Singing - Friday 19th October
Please note that this will be starting at the earlier time of 6.30pm; parents are asked to be in their seats in the Alington Hall by 6.20pm. Please see further details under 'Forthcoming Events' below.

Shrewsbury School Symphony Orchestra and Big Band tour to Prague, July 2013
If parents of pupils involved in this trip have not written to confirm their son's or daughter's participation or otherwise, could they please do so as a matter of urgency. It promises to be a wonderful trip to one of Europe's most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic, and plans are underway for us to be joined by students from Shrewsbury International, Bangkok for the tour as well. Replies should be sent to Karen Wilding at

For Third Form parents: Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award
Further to my September letter to you about the DofE, we have now launched DofE Bronze to your sons, and it would be really helpful if you could have a conversation with them about it over exeat. If they have decided to do DofE Bronze, then please ask what they plan to do for the various sections involved: Skill (a non sporting hobby), Sport and Volunteering (helping others). The Expedition is done as part of Outdoor Week in the summer term. I have attached my previous letter that explains all about Bronze.

Nick David (Director of Activities)

Medic Malawi Ball - Friday 9th November
It is still not too late to book some tickets for the Medic Malawi Ball. We have a range of interesting lots for the auction, including the Headmaster's offer to host - and cook - dinner for 8, several holiday offerings, and some signed sporting memorabilia. Please see the notice under 'Forthcoming Events' for more information about the ball, and how to book tickets.

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