Shrewsbury School

eNews: Thursday 9th May 2013

Notices to Parents

Classics Faculty Trip for Classicists and Historians, October 2013
The Classics Faculty are planning the biennial trip to Rome and the Bay of Naples in October; it is open to pupils in the current Fourth, Fifth and Lower Sixth Forms and will be of particular relevance to pupils studying Classics or History. Nearly all of the major sites appear on the itinerary, including Pompeii, Mt Vesuvius, the Colosseum, Forum and the Vatican.  Please read Toby Percival’s letter for more information: Classics Faculty Trip letter.

Due to time constraints, please send applications as soon as possible and no later than 3rd June.

The Joyful Company of Singers - performing in the Alington Hall this Saturday, 11th May
This concert, given by one of Europe's most prominent chamber choirs, promises to be an extremely enjoyable event. Please see the full notice in Forthcoming Events below.

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