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eNews: Friday 5th September 2014

Notices to Parents

General note about the eNewsletters
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Sports fixtures
A reminder that lots of information about the sports fixtures for all our sports teams can be found on our Sports Website, launched at the beginning of last year. It can be accessed via the sports pages of the School Website and via the following link:
New parents may find the following overview of how to use the website helpful: The sports website - a user's guide

Anyone coming to the School to watch matches on a Wednesday or Saturday afternoon is warmly invited to come to Quod (the Sixth Form Common Room - next to Top Common) for refreshments.

This week 100 years ago: Old Salopians in World War 1 – a new project
This term we launch a project in collaboration with St Chad’s Church in Shrewsbury that sets out to commemorate each Old Salopian who was killed during World War 1. Week by week, it will create a rolling archive as a complement to the School’s Roll of Honour in the Chapel. It can be accessed via the ‘News’ section of the school website and will be featured periodically in the eNewsletter. As we build up this project during the years 2014-18, please contact Philip Lapage [] or Dr Matthew Clark [] if you have any additional material you would like to present, or if we have inadvertently made any errors. Please see This week 100 years ago – Old Salopians in WW1 and the Latest News item below.

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