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eNewsletter: Friday 11th September 2020

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An Introduction from Headmaster, Leo Winkley

“It’s so good to be back!”  This has been the joyful refrain throughout my conversations with pupils, teachers and support staff during this first week.  It has been genuinely moving to see our 110-acre campus full of life again, just over 170 days on from the last taught lessons on site, and five and a half months since the boarding and day houses were last alive with noise and bustle.  Staff convened for training days to prepare for re-opening.  Pupils returned in staggered waves over the weekend.  Parents have been attentive to the various guidance issued, and over the first few days, pupils and staff have all found our feet in the ‘normal for now’.  Whilst 95% of our 819 pupils are with us here now, we also have just under 40 pupils attending via Online Supported Learning and we look forward to the time when they can be with us here.

Our shared challenge is to manage a careful balancing act of two vital priorities: to keep children and grown-ups safe; and to deliver an excellent, rounded pupil experience across all aspects of school life.  There have been some lumps and bumps to iron out, but good habits have been set and the pupils have been excellent at following the new guidelines.  Teaching and learning are happening at full pace and the co-curriculum and house life are up and running.  As well as seeing the ‘to and fro’ of lessons, I have enjoyed watching pupils dance, row, run, play cricket, football, fives, hockey and lacrosse and do strength and conditioning (outside my office in the Pentagon).  It’s almost as if they’ve never been away. 

As the term unfolds, it remains essential that we all act responsibly and adapt responsively.  Necessary limitations are in place and we are keeping the pupils on-site for the time being.  We want the pupils to feel safe, secure and confident – but not confined.  I am reminded of the wonderful saying from the memoirs of the French writer, Victor Hugo: “He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” 

Learning liberates: and our pupils need to be free to enjoy school life to the full. 

Leo Winkley

Notices to Parents and Guardians

Salopians Return to Shrewsbury School - A Short Video

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