Shrewsbury School

Academic Extension Lecture: "How to defeat the 21st Century Far-Right" by Dr Russell Foster, King's College London

Thursday 10 October 2019 at 19:30


Dr Russell Foster’s research at King's College, London focuses on political and national identities in a rapidly changing, and increasingly toxic, world. Old national identities based on nation-states or ethnicities increasingly compete with new group identities which transcend borders, and which borrow ideas and structures from across the political spectrum to create new ideologies that appeal to new groups of disillusioned, disenchanted people.

At the same time, the Brexit debate and rising Euroscepticism have demonstrated that multiple and mutually hostile 'European' identities exist, which compete with each other and against old and new national identities. Identitarianism and white transnationalism are examples of new group identities which present new and significant challenges, and which require new understandings of politics in a rapidly polarising world.

We are delighted to welcome Dr Foster back to Shrewsbury to outline how these challenges can be faced head on.

This lecture takes place in the Haining Theatre, Hodgson Hall and is open to the public. Please email Mr Cowper ( if you are not a pupil or member of staff at Shrewsbury and would like to attend.

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