Shrewsbury School

Sidney-Darwin Dash and Quarter-Mile Challenge Finals

Sunday 9 June 2019 at 11:00

The Sidney-Darwin Dash and the Quarter-Mile Challenge are relatively recent Shrewsbury School 'traditions', having been established as recently 2011. They have quickly become highlights of the School's sporting year, relished by competitors and spectators alike.

The Sidney-Darwin Dash was originally conceived as a sprint between the two iconic statues of Sir Philip Sidney and Charles Darwin. It now takes place on the relative safety of the grass on Top Common - scene of many school athletics events in years of old, including races won by Bob Tisdall, who went on to win Olympic Gold in 1932.

The Quarter-Mile Challenge is run round the boundary of the 1st XI cricket pitch.

These are exciting and fiercely competitive events, as the fastest runners from each House battle for glory, cheered on by the whole School. Parents, friends and other spectators are warmly welcome - and refreshments will be available.

This year there will also be a Children's 'Fun' Quarter-Mile Race.

Please download a copy of the Programme for full details of all the races:
Sidney-Darwin Dash and Quarter-Mile Challenge Finals 2019

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