Shrewsbury School

'Science in Action' at Warwick University

Thursday 4 January 2018

On Wednesday 5th December, 31 Fourth Form budding scientists travelled to Warwick University for a Science in Action enrichment day.

They attended five lectures on a range of topics, delivered by some of the UK’s most eminent scientific speakers:

 -   'Bring Back the King: the science of de-extinction' – how advances in genetics are trying to make de-extinction a reality
 -   'The Wonders of Life' – a talk by Professor Robert Winston, who led his audience on a breathtaking voyage through the earliest stages of life
 -   'Cassini-Huygens and the Lord of the Rings' – celebrating the spacecraft’s incredible 20-year mission prior to ‘crashing’ into the surface of Saturn in September 2017
 -   'Kitchen Chemistry' – how materials available in the supermarket, pharmacy and hardware store can be used to illustrate the wonders of chemistry
 -   'Dangerous Equations' – Marty Jopson illustrated how a set of equations is enough to keep him away from danger.

The lectures were excellent and very interesting.  The students also enjoyed having time to look around the university campus.

Dr Andrew Briggs, Head of Science

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