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11,015 beds, 33,000 meals, 63 cricket matches and 300 hours of football...

Thursday 13 September 2018

Life at Shrewsbury School during the summer "holidays"...

After the last suitcase has been packed, the last name has been called at Call-Over, and the last guest has left the Leavers’ Ball, the academic year is officially over at Shrewsbury School...

But the summer holiday period is not all peace and quiet for the staff and school facilities over the next couple of months, as attention turns to a busy and well-established programme of summer lettings.

Here’s a brief insight into some of what went on at Shrewsbury School this July and August...

Juliet Tripp with KH Assistant Manager Marius Neamu - and a cricket tea

Juliet Tripp with KH Assistant Manager Marius Neamu - and a cricket tea

The School’s facilities are in high demand from local and national organisations, from language schools to football camps, and this year was one of our busiest yet. The commercial lettings programme is run by Philip Walker, General Services Manager, and Juliet Tripp, Operations and Events Manager. They work closely with the Catering, Housekeeping, Grounds, Maintenance and Sports Facilities teams to provide the perfect setting for our guests during their stay, whatever activity they are doing.

From room bookings to bed-making (11,015 this summer), it’s a busy operation – and no two days are the same. Our regular clients include Discovery Summer, who run intensive English Language Learning courses with a whole host of activities for hundreds of children from all over the world; and the National Children’s Choir of Great Britain, who run residential courses for some of the most talented young singers in the country. This year they were preparing for their 20th Anniversary Concert in Birmingham's Symphony Hall.

We also host two week-long Cricket Festivals for U11 and U12 county teams, two very popular week-long Shrewsbury Rowing Courses, plus the talented footballers of tomorrow from Manchester United Academy.

During the summer holidays, the grounds staff prepared pitches for 63 cricket matches and 300 hours of football. They also drained two football pitches, levelled one, renovated four cricket square, rebuilt one strip and renovated ten winter sports pitches.

And the motivation behind this programme of events and lettings? In addition to enabling others to make good use of our beautiful site and facilities outside term-time, the income generated over the Easter and Summer Holidays goes straight into our Bursaries fund – to provide more opportunities for pupils to join us.


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