Shrewsbury School

Anna Peak, new MSH housemistress, at the Summer Barbecue

Monday 2 July 2012

On Sunday 1st July, the appointed new housemistress of Mary Sidney Hall - Anna Peak - attended the MSH Summer Barbecue which was a wonderful opportunity for her to meet the current girls and their parents, as well as the girls and parents of next term's new joiners.

Anna said afterwards that she was delighted by the warmth of Shrewsbury's welcome, and that what had struck her particularly was the wonderful MSH team spirit. Girls, staff and parents had been busy preparing for the barbecue, making cupcakes, salads and mountains of kebabs in anticipation of the big event (even Anna spent a good couple of hours skewering chicken!).

Anna's visit was a huge success, and everyone is looking forward to her arrival in September.

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