Shrewsbury School

Announcing the winners of the Biology Photographic Competition 2018...

Friday 25 May 2018

The judges of  the Shrewsbury School Biology Photographic Competition had a difficult task to choose the winners from among the stunning images submitted in all three categories. The winning photos are displayed here.

Junior Category (Third, Fourth & Fifth Forms)

Winner: Theo Gabb 
Runner-up: Henry Davies
Commended: Mew Hansiriphan, Garret Healy 

Senior Category (Sixth Form)

Winner: James Crewdson
Runner-Up: Richard Walker
Commended: Richard Walker, Ned Moreau 

Staff Category

Winner: Raymond Vardill (for the second year in a row!)
Runner-Up: John Balcombe
Commended: John Balcombe, Richard Case

Click on the image below to see it enlarged and to scroll through the gallery of all the winning photos.

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