Shrewsbury School

Annual Epiphany Service

Monday 21 January 2019

A magnificent programme of choral music

The annual Epiphany Service in early January is fast becoming one of the most memorable events of the Salopian Club calendar, and this year it attracted a Salopian choir and congregation totalling 100. Led by the Rev Gavin Williams (Staff 93-02), it featured a magnificent programme of choral music, organised by Richard Eteson (G 89-93) and conducted by Patrick Craig (Ch 82-87), interspersed with readings by a number of prominent Salopians.

Salopians of all vintages mingled at the end of the service before retiring for more spiritual refreshment to the Fine Line pub across the courtyard. Many congratulations to Peter Fanning and his team for a thoroughly uplifting evening, achieved with minimal rehearsal time.


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