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Another excellent year for exam results

Friday 6 September 2019

Shrewsbury School pupils celebrated very impressive performances in this year's examination results.

A Level and Pre-U

The 2019 Upper Sixth Leavers are now poised to take up a raft of prestigious university places following an examination session that saw nearly three-quarters of all papers graded at A* - B level. Nine pupils achieved a clean sweep of A* or equivalent grades across their disciplines and a total of 37 pupils obtained all A or A* grades.

High attainment was demonstrated across the whole breadth of Shrewsbury’s diverse Sixth Form curriculum, with notable successes in the creative world of Theatre Studies and the technical and complex subject of Economics (in both of which over half the cohort was awarded either an A or an A*).

The English Faculty celebrated ongoing success with over 90% of candidates awarded one of the top three grades for the third consecutive year. And Salopians studying Biology did the School’s most famous alumnus, Charles Darwin, proud, with 26 achieving a Distinction in the challenging and demanding Cambridge Pre-U qualification.

Among those pupils who have secured places at top universities across the globe, Dom Sullivan heads to Yale University, where he will mix his liberal arts course with competing for their rowing crew, which is regarded as one of the best in the world. Greta Roberts moves to London to begin her studies in the Harp at the Royal College of Music. Seven Salopians have secured places at Oxford University. Amongst them, Reuben Denison takes up a place at University College to read medicine, where he will be able to use his experience as a volunteer at a local care home during his time at Shrewsbury. Grace O’Mara will study History at Lincoln College, having been one of the leading academic lights during her Sixth Form years, with particular successes in several Model United Nations conferences that should serve her well.

Extended Project Qualification

Lower Sixth pupils were also given cause for celebration with the publication of results for the Extended Project Qualification. This programme, which inculcates skills of project management and development in preparation for Higher Education, allows pupils to explore self-devised research questions under the careful guidance of a devoted supervisor.

Some extraordinary projects were completed this year, ranging from detailed assessments of the impact of Astrology or the developing world of artificial intelligence in sport through to one pupil who even constructed his own road-bicycle from scratch!

This year’s cohort have been rewarded for their inspirational and intensely detailed work with a stunning set of results – over 60% of them at A* and A.


With 40% of all GCSE grades awarded an A* (or equivalent) and nearly two-thirds of all examinations graded at A* or A, last year’s Fifth Form pupils had much of which to be proud. Across all qualifications taken on the new and more challenging 9-1 specifications, nearly half of all grades were at 8/9 level.

At the very top end, 26 pupils gained the equivalent of a complete spread of A* and A grades across all their subjects and 82 pupils gained at least one of the new, much sought-after grade 9s (a grade designed to reflect the very highest levels of scholarship).

L-R: Will Owen, Natalie Dee, Issie Halfpenny-Edwards, Lucy Lees, Chris Beard

As with the A Level results, the high achievement was demonstrable right across the board, from the 15 A* grades in Music and the 23 A*s in Design through to spectacular performances in the three sciences, each producing over 80 A* and A grades from the cohort, and notable successes for candidates in the challenging discipline of Physical Education.

Languages, both Ancient and Modern, continue to be a real strength and it was particularly pleasing to see Spanish and German producing such excellent results against a background of declining interest in the languages elsewhere in the UK.

These fantastic results provide pupils with an impressive foundation as they embark upon the variety and challenge of a Sixth Form career at Shrewsbury School.

For details of results by subject, please see A Level, Pre-U and GCSE results 2019 in detail. 

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