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The Arnold Hagger Mathematics Prize

Friday 29 March 2019

The Arnold Hagger Prize is named after one of the great Mathematics masters at Shrewsbury School in the 1950s who, along with Basil Saint and Frank Hadland, established Mathematics as a serious academic subject here.

The competition had previously been simply known as “The Mathematics Prize”, under which title an almost unbroken run of the annual competition paper stretches back in our archives to 1890. This makes it, possibly, one of the longest continually run mathematics competitions in the country.

Arnold arrived in 1947 from RAF Shawbury where he had taught navigation during the Second World War. In 1946 he was the navigator of the first aircraft that flew over the North Pole. He died in 1985 and the renaming of the prize was prompted by substantial gift of money to the School by his wife, Margaret, in honour of her late husband.

Arnold Hagger

The 2019 competition was fought over by 96 pupils from across the School who volunteered to sit the one-and-a-half-hour paper on a Thursday evening under examination conditions. As is the tradition, the questions in this year’s paper relied as much upon native wit and cunning as upon the mathematics formally taught in lessons. The solutions submitted by the pupils displayed considerable ingenuity and intelligence and are rewarding to mark.

Winners have been announced and prizes given by the Headmaster to the champion in each year group. A Senior Cup was also presented to the overall Upper School winner’s House and a Junior Cup to the overall Lower School winner’s House.

Above all the aim of the competition is to mentally stimulate and challenge thought-provoking questions that highlight areas of quirky and interesting mathematics.

The Arnold Hagger Mathematics Prizes 2019 are awarded to:

Sixth Form: Owen Fung (SH)

Lower School: Eustacia Feng (M)

Year Group Winners – Gold Medallists:
U6 FM:             Wan Shanxiao (I)
U6 Single:       Will Hope (Ch)
L6 FM:             Owen Fung (SH)
L6 Single:        Hannah Cheng (EDH)
Fifth Form:      Max Cheung (I)
Fourth Form:  Eustacia Feng (M)
Third Form:     Will Singleton (R)

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