Shrewsbury School

Art students' work exhibited in Draper's Guild Textile Competition

Thursday 25 November 2021

Three Salopians have had their work chosen for display for the annual Shrewsbury Draper's Guild Textile Competition. 

Art students Scarlett G (EDH, LVI), Issy Y (MSH, UVI) and Old Salopain Daisy D (EDH, 2021) had their work selected to be exhibited in St Mary's Church in Shrewsbury for the competition.

Issy Y with her costume for Titania and experimental piece made from fused artificial fibres

There were around 90 entries to the Shrewsbury Draper's Guild Textile Competition, ranging from other schools, colleges and the general public. 

At the awards ceremony there was an added bonus as Scarlett also won Silver in the Young Textiles KS4 category for her 5th Form sculptural final piece - a portrait of her own horse created with wood, wire, plaster, leather and shoe polish. 

Scarlett G with her winning exhibit

Well done to our three art students! 

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