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Award-winning author Tanya Landman visits Shrewsbury School

Friday 28 September 2018

On Monday 24th September, the Moser Library welcomed Carnegie Medal-winning author Tanya Landman to the School.

Tanya Landman with Head Librarian Jo Elliot

Tanya spoke to both the Third and Fourth Forms, as well as running a creative writing workshop, which focused on constructing the perfect murder mystery.

Tanya Landman has written more than 30 books for children and young adults, including a murder mystery series and several historical novels. Her historical fiction includes Apache, which won a Spur Award in 2009, and her highly-celebrated novel Buffalo Soldier, which received the CILIP Carnegie Medal in 2015.

In a talk which the pupils described as both “inspiring” and “very amusing”, she spoke of the events leading up to her embarking on a career as a writer, the frustrations and rewards of being an acknowledged author, and some of the history that inspired her various novels.

Tanya’s energy and enthusiasm for writing were clear throughout, and many of the pupils agreed that they left feeling inspired to read more books.

Several pupils also attended Tanya’s workshop, in which they were encouraged to pick out a victim and accompanying suspects for their very own murder mystery. Following this activity, they were asked to produce an engaging opening scene, and they didn’t disappoint! Tanya was highly impressed with the imagination and captivating details of their various murder mysteries.

Each year we greatly look forward to author visits, which always prove good fun and provide a great opportunity to gain some perspective on the writing process. The combination of time spent both in talks and workshops mean that our authors can share all sorts of knowledge and really connect with the pupils during their time with us.

A massive thanks to Tanya Landman and all those who attended for making the visit a really great day.

Megan Lee, Library Assistant


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