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Bastille Society Lecture: Imaginations of the British Empire

Monday 11 February 2019

Libby Hedges reports on a thought-provoking lecture to the Bastille Society given on Friday 8th February by Dr Russell Foster.

Dr Foster began by explaining to us that he had originally been placed in a role at King’s College London in April 2016 analysing ways to strengthen Britain’s position as part of the European Union…and just seven weeks later they had to reconsider his role, which moved him to European Studies.

For the predominantly Sixth Form audience, it was a great open discussion on how current affairs have been affected by the way in which we built our Empire and also saw it decline – or as Dr Foster convincingly proposed, simply got louder and quieter.

The amalgamation of philosophy of history, philology, geography and more in a seminar-style lecture was a fantastic insight for those wanting to study history or sociology at university. It was good to have some thought-provoking questions, and it was clear Dr Foster had really stimulated a crowd of pre-university historians.

On behalf of the Bastille Society, we would like to thank him for joining our lecture series and travelling up to Shrewsbury.

Libby Hedges (G L6)

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