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Bastille Society Lecture: 'The Survival of the Crusader States'

Thursday 14 March 2019

On Friday 8th March Shrewsbury’s Bastille Society welcomed Professor Helen Nicholson, Professor of Medieval Studies at Cardiff University.

L-R: Professor Nicholson, Ebrahim Jamshid (Co-President of the Bastille Society), Mr Cook

Professor Nicholson came to speak on the topic of Crusades, which the majority of students taking Pre-U History will cover as their Special Subject. After studying at Oxford University, Professor Nicholson moved on to lecture at several of the UK’s top universities, indeed tutoring Shrewsbury’s own Mr Cook as he did his dissertations on the Crusades whilst at Cardiff.

Her lecture covered the multiple interpretations of how the Crusader States survived during the period from 1100-1187. It was a fascinating and extremely useful talk for all the Sixth Form historians in attendance.

The Bastille Society were very grateful to her for travelling to Shrewsbury and we hope to see her become a regular in the Bastille lecture series, as her talk received such a positive response from the Sixth Form historians who will have benefitted hugely, with exams on the very topic right around the corner!

Libby Hedges (G U6), Co-Presdident of the Bastille Society

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