Shrewsbury School

Biology Challenge 2019

Monday 20 May 2019

Congratulations to the 59 Third and Fourth Formers who entered this year’s Royal Society of Biology’s ‘Biology Challenge’ and between them achieved very impressive results.

A total of 47,183 pupils in Years 9 and 10 from 527 schools worldwide participated in the online competition, which aims to stimulate young people’s curiosity for the natural world and encourage them to take an interest in biology outside school.

The Shrewsbury biologists’ results are published below:

Award % of all candidates internationally winning this award Number of awards won by Salopians % of Salopian entrants (total 59) winning this award
Gold 5.1 9 15.3
Silver 9.4 13 22.0
Bronze 15.6 21 35.5
Highly Commended 16.5 10 16.9
Commended 15.8 3 5.0

Special congratulations to our Gold medallists:

Ellie Letts
Sam Crossley
Tobias Libreros
Dylan Tyack
Mew Hansiriphan
Jamie Davis
Aman Chetan
Tim Antelo
Emelie Childers

Dr Morgan

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