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Cambridge Chemistry Challenge Success

Friday 11 September 2020

An update on our Sixth Form Chemists' achievements in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge.

During the summer, while working in remote, 17 of our Lower Sixth Chemists took time out of their schedules to stretch themselves via the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge. Ordinarily a 90-minute paper sat in schools across the country, this year candidates had a time window in which to complete the paper and submit their responses online.

The Lower Sixth Cambridge Chemistry Challenge aims to stretch and challenge students interested in chemistry and is set by an experienced team of teachers and university chemists. It is designed for Year 12 students but takes them significantly beyond the syllabus and encourages them to think about science in the way they would at university.

Following moderation, every entrant from Shrewsbury School came away with a medal, with 3 Copper, 5 Silver, 7 Gold and 2 Gold Star awards, representing marks in the top 60% of entries.

Particular congratulations go to Ivan Ye and Eudora Xiao, who scored over 90% in the challenge, placing them among the top 0.6% of all entries.

Awards gained:

Copper:  Amos Cheung, Klim Sizov, Nick Xie

Silver:  Molly Fox, Winston Luk, Maarten Straube, Oliver Taylor, Krystal Zhu

Gold:  Jeremy Au-Yeung, Edward Hou, Joe Pattenden, Anya Wong, Ian Wong, Tetsuyoshi Yamada, Jasper Yip

Gold Star:  Eudora Xiao, Ivan Ye


Many thanks to Mr Schofield for overseeing and marking the competition in remote. We wish our Lower Sixth Chemists the best of luck as they navigate university applications this term.

Mr Wray

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