Shrewsbury School

CCF Camp 2019

Monday 9 September 2019

Twenty-two Shrewsbury CCF cadets attended Summer Camp this year, throwing themselves with enthusiasm into a week of challenging activities based in rural Shropshire, on military training areas and in Snowdonia.

The programme for the week was very much our own. However, we gained much assistance from military units who were kind enough to give us excellent support. We are grateful for the help of our sponsor regiment The Rifles, and also to 1 Royal Irish and the Defence Helicopter Flying School (DHFS).


Many of the Junior NCOs, mostly Fifth and Lower Sixth Form, were given ‘command appointments’ throughout the week, which gives them a chance to experience the fun (and pressures) of being in charge, and develops confidence, planning and leadership traits.

The Range Day at Sealand Ranges was another busy day, with all cadets live-firing the 5.56 calibre cadet rifle. All pupils have to pass a stringent weapon safety test before they can fire blank or live, and this knowledge inculcates respect for all types of firearm. Marksman badges were awarded at the start of term to Oliver Powell, Sam Crossley and Christian Loumidis.

Part of the camp involved a choice of an adventure training day: either coasteering and rafting; or the rather drier alternative of a ridge walk in Snowdonia. The group below is about to complete the classic Nantlle Ridge route (seen behind the group) in superb conditions. The day ended with a dip in a mountain lake – a pretty rare event for this area but much appreciated.

We spent the last morning in Snowdonia exploring a disused slate mine, including a short underground abseil, scramble and boat paddle across a lake. The group are pictured below emerging into the sunlight after four hours in the darkness.

Overall this was a superb camp and the cadets appeared to enjoy every minute.

Attending were James Martin, Christian Loumidis, Akim Schmidt, Fred Bayne, Charlie Bane, Sam Crossley, Oliver Powell, Tobias Libreros, Sam and Josh Canham, Candy Li, Carrie Zou, Will Owen, Jake Ludlam, Henry Weir, Archie Taylor, as well as Third Formers Harry Clarkson Webb, Sophia Urquhart, Johnny Fielden, and three cadets from Adcote School.

Lt Col Nick David

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