Shrewsbury School

CCF Field Day: Biennial inspection on 1st March 2012

Thursday 8 March 2012

L-R: Two cadet paintballers before target practice; Lt Col Forster sharing some stories with 4th form cadets; Charlie Gillow about to attempt the climbing tower; Lt Col Forster and three junior cadets puzzle over some tricky military knowledge questions.

The CCF was on show at the recent Shrewsbury School Field Day. Each two years all CCF’s are inspected by a senior officer appointed by one of the three services. This  time it was the turn of the Royal Marines to provide a CCF Biennial Inspecting Officer and thus Lieutenant Colonel  Robin Forster RM visited us for the whole day and saw our cadets ‘in action’. The day began with a presentation at school by the three   Senior Cadet NCO’s who head up their respective sections. Impressive presentations were given by Sgt Christian Randall (Royal Marine Section), Sgt Miles Pattison Appleton (Army Section) and Flt Sgt James Lane (RAF Section) who had just come back from an overnight exercise.

For our  senior cadets the Field Day began the previous night when all 5th and 6th formers started Exercise Rigid Mould – deploying to the local Nesscliff Training Area for night patrols, sleeping in ‘bashas’ (improvised tents) and a  dawn canoe ‘insertion’ from the River Severn. In the end the enemy (the Nesscliffistani Republican Army or NRA) were defeated  - as they always are on these heavily orchestrated exercises designed to develop teamwork and leadership at all levels. But all had some exciting fun in the process.

Meanwhile, and in contrast, the junior cadets (4th formers) had a lie in and did not have to start until 0830 the next morning. They also travelled to Nesscliff where they competed for the Kemp Trophy Inter Section Competition – each one of the six sections were marked on first aid , military knowledge, climbing, fitness, navigation, shooting and paintball skills stands. Well done to the Royal Marine Team A for winning the event and to Army Team A for being a close runner up.

In his letter to our Headmaster after the inspection, Lt Col Forster said 'how impressed' he was with the School's CCF, and that 'the standard of cadets was very high and the presentations by Christian, Miles and James were excellent.'

Major Nick David
CCF Contingent Commander

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