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Chemistry Olympiad success

Wednesday 1 May 2019

Shrewsbury Sixth Form chemists amassed a total of six gold, seven silver and six bronze medals in the first round of the 2019 RSC Chemistry Olympiad.

Gold medal winners Tony Wan, Peter Yang, Adam Pattenden, Veronica Munday, Jenny Xu (Chris Wong is not pictured)

This year, 24 of our students took part in Round 1 of the RSC Chemistry Olympiad, sitting a paper that was exceptionally challenging. The percentage of certificates they earned between them was significantly higher than the national average. Notably, Lower Sixth Former Peter Yang scored 46/80, which was the highest of our participants and placed him in the top 5% nationally, while Upper Sixth Former Adam Pattenden earned his second Gold certificate – a rare achievement.

This competition is designed to challenge and stimulate the most talented young chemists in the country and is open to all post-16 students in the UK. There are three rounds to the competition, at the end of which the UK team is selected to train for, and compete in, the International Chemistry Olympiad. Further information is available on

The Round 1 paper itself is based on the core of the chemistry A-level specifications, so that students taking any of the different exam board A-levels can compete fairly. The exam lasts two hours and is composed of a series of structured questions designed to stretch able students by making them apply the principles they have learnt to new and often more complex situations than they would meet in their A-level course. With credit generally available just for the answers (not for any of the usually lengthy working out), it is essential to have a very sound base of knowledge and understanding, meticulousness, and the ability to think and reason - often "outside the box" - at a high level.

Gold Medals were awarded to:
Veronica Munday (EDH U6)
Adam Pattenden (S U6)
Tony Wan (I U6)
Chris Wong (SH U6)
Jenny Xu (MSH U6)
Peter Yang (SH L6)

Silver Medals were awarded to:
Bilal Anwar (Rb L6)
Reuben Denison (SH U6)
Connor Hickey (Ch L6)
Runjie Liao (MSH L6)
Mohan Sun (SH L6)
Susanna Wu (EDH U6)
Jake Williams (Rb U6)

Bronze Medals were awarded to:
Jack Ai (Rt L6)
Hannah Cheng (EDH L6)
George Lawrence (O L6)
Jetty Russell (G U6)
Anthony Siu (I L6)
Jing Wu (MSH L6)

Mr Wray

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