Shrewsbury School

Christmas Fair raises £4,000 for Shrewsbury FoodbankPLUS

Friday 22 November 2019

Pupils from the Global Social Leaders group, the Shrewsbury School Parents’ Association, staff of Shrewsbury FoodbankPLUS and local businesses joined together on Sunday for a wonderfully successful Christmas Fair.

This is part of an ever-strengthening partnership between the School and Shrewsbury FoodbankPLUS. Karen Williams, Director of the FoodbankPLUS paid tribute to everyone involved:

“Thank you to Shrewsbury School and the SSPA for their support of the Christmas Fair for FoodbankPLUS in Shrewsbury. This also couldn't have happened without the hard work of the Global Leaders and parents who work with the School to enable to Christmas Fair to happen and run so well. Raising over £4,000 that will be used across the whole of FoodbankPLUS means that those people we work with are closer to seeing and experiencing transformation in their lives.”

This short film captures some of the festive cheer of the Fair and gives an insight into some of the work that went on behind the scenes:

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