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David Harrison Prize for Mathematics: second successive win for Aue Angpanitcharoen (Ch V)

Monday 29 April 2013

Aue Angpanitcharoen infront of Churchill'sThe 2013 David Harrison Prize for Mathematics was won by last year’s winner Aue Angpanitcharoen (Ch V), with an assured and entertaining talk entitled "Hotel Infinity". He spoke about the mathematician David Hilbert and his method for considering a hotel with infinitely many rooms, which are all full but can still accommodate between one and infinitely many new guests.

Tom Dodd (Rb IV) was a very close second with his highly original talk which tried to answer the question "Will we ever run out of new music?".

The Mathematics Faculty judge the competition and commented that the final this year was the best that they have ever seen. Huge congratulations must also go to the other finalists: Daniel Hart (Rt L6), Helen Ho (MSH L6) and Edward Chapman (Rb 3).

This annual competition is open to all year groups and takes the form of a presentation on any mathematical topic, which is given to an audience of Third and Fourth Form mathematicians.

This prize is endowed by Mr and Mrs Peter Harrison in memory of their son David, who was Head of Mathematics from 1995 to 1996, and who tragically died in the mountains of Alaska in the Summer holidays of 1996.

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