Shrewsbury School

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Expeditions

Friday 5 September 2014

Three groups of Sixth Formers successfully completed their Gold D of E expeditions this summer – and, unlike many of our D of E teams in recent years, enjoyed exceptionally fine weather conditions.

Two teams followed a walking route across the Peak District, covering about 22-23 km per day for four days, carrying a fully loaded pack. It proved to be a tough week with a raft of minor injuries, including blisters, sore feet, sore knees and sunburn. But the teams held it together to the bitter end and all completed very successfully.

The third team had an equally successful trip to Northern Ireland, where they completed the Lough Earne Canoe Trail by sea kayak. It turned out to be an amazing venue for such a trip, with hundreds of tiny islands to navigate and pitch camp on. The team was given a very warm welcome by the locals. Apart from a similar raft of minor injuries (blisters on hands, sore shoulders), the team also finished in high spirits.

The walking teams were Billy Chu, Tom McHugh, Ben Smith, Rishi Trivedi and Tim Van der Hoeven

and Sabrina Chu, Imogene Hill, Yuki Lam, Queenie Luk, Mary Parrott and Chuxi Zhou.

The sea kayakers were George Birt, Alex Haspel, Guy Hunter, Roan Kirkby, Nick Pearce, Oliver Pumphrey, Jake Samuel.

Well done to all!

Major Jo Billington

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