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EDH victorious in Junior House Debating Final

Wednesday 22 June 2022

The final debate of term pitted Emma Darwin Hall against The Grove to determine the winner of this academic year's Junior House Debating competition.  

Proceeding through a group stage, quarter-final and semi-final rounds, both teams had established themselves as the strongest of our Salopian junior debaters this year. In front of a packed Science Lecture Theatre, the teams debated the merits of international aid during economic recession. Both teams delivered superb speeches full of rhetoric, substantiated evidence and eloquent final flourishes. It was clear to all in the audience why these two teams had performed so strongly throughout the competition this term.  

Speaker of the day awards were given to Beatrice C (III) from The Grove and Jess F-A (IV) representing EDH - both hugely impressive during this high stakes final. As is so often, the final came down to small margins and the judges made the final call in favour of EDH whose range of arguments and sharp rebuttal were successful throughout.  

Many congratulations to the EDH team of Jess F-A, Frances T-T (IV), Artemis W (III) and Miranda R (IV) on their well-deserved triumph. All eight of the participants will no doubt make a great impact on the Senior Debating competition kicking off in the Michaelmas Term.  

This was my final house Debating final after being the custodian of the society for the past seven years - it proved a fitting finale! It's been wonderful to witness and help develop the evolution of public speaking at Shrewsbury - the house competitions represent a genuinely significant academic, termly highlight. The torch now passes on to Mr Bandy who looks set to enable debating at Shrewsbury to go from strength to strength!

H.G. Mackridge

Head of Academic Innovation

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