Shrewsbury School

Fantastic new KH servery areas

Tuesday 4 September 2012

One of the new serveries at KH

The start of the new Michaelmas term sees a brand new layout to the Kingsland Hall servery areas.  Gone are the dated counters, to be replaced with state of the art servery counters, a 'Theatre Kitchen' section which will have a chef cooking speciality dishes at lunch & supper, a specific salad island & a range of lights that can change at each meal time to suit the time of day.
By redesigning the production space in the kitchen and making it more ergonomically efficient for the kitchen brigade we have created a serving area that is now 30% larger than it was previously.  This will ensure that the pupils and teaching staff have more space to move around the counters when choosing their meal.     
The new term sees a new menu as well, many of the popular favourite dishes remain but there are quite a few new dishes that have been added to complement the choice.

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