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A Feast of Concerts from Shrewsbury School

Friday 28 May 2021

The return of audiences has seen the Music Department host both lunchtime and a Friday night concert. 

Friday Night Concert

Director of Music Stephen Williams said: "We were delighted to shine the spotlight on our talented younger musicians at the Lower School Concert on Friday May 21. It was such a thrill to be joined by an audience made up of the parents of the performers. This was a watershed moment as we returned to something we all cherish; communicating - through live music – with an audience. I commend the concert to you for its many superb performances with great tunes to match."

Lunchtime Concert

A special lunchtime concert was performed in Alington Hall on Monday.

The concert featured two of the chamber ensembles that have worked relentlessly this term and throughout lockdown before some of the overseas students leave at half term. The programme will be as follows:

Pantomime for 13 Wind Instruments - Gary Carpenter

  1. Prologue
  2. Grand March (of the Chief Executive)
  3. Waltz Finale - ‘Depravity’

 Assistant Director of Music, Maria McKenzie said: “ Prologue reflects the morning bustle of a mythical Far-Eastern market place.

 “Grand March (of the Chief Executive) is the music that accompanies the first arrival of the Emperor and his court. The important music that is required for entry is provided by Mahler, although in the wrong key and on the wrong beat of the bar!

 “Waltz Finale - ‘Depravity’ Abenazar the embodiment of all evil, also doubles as a music-hall turn, and in this version in waltz time as well.”

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