Shrewsbury School

Fives: Richard Black Team Cup

Wednesday 15 November 2017

Four Lower Sixth Formers, one Fifth Former and Miss Davies represented Shrewsbury School in the Ladies’ National (Richard Black) Team Cup on Sunday 12th November.

The team progressed successfully through their group of five matches to finish second overall by one point to Ipswich. Then, competing in the semi-final for the second year running, they lost out to North Oxford Ladies team 2 to 1.

Congratulations to all those who put in ten days of extra training around their other major sports and for playing so well, out of season and with so little competitive match practice.

A special mention for Ella Windle and Issy Wong who remained unbeaten all day and were quite simply the best pair there by a country mile.

1st Pair - Sophia Breese & Katie Oswald
2nd Pair - Phoebe Wasdell & Miss Davies
3rd Pair - Ella Windle & Issy Wong

Andy Barnard
Teacher in Charge of Fives

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