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RAF Cadet Flying Experience… Again!

Friday 29 March 2019

On Wednesday 20th March, another lucky six CCF (RAF) cadets travelled to RAF Cosford for some flying training with RAF pilot instructors.


The first port of call at these events is a safety briefing, which covers a number of scenarios, including having to leave the aircraft in mid-air, which all cadets must show they understand. Pictured is Theo (SH 5), demonstrating how to jettison the canopy in the event that his instructor becomes incapacitated, as well as the position to adopt while descending by parachute.


Also flying were Ben (O U6) and Jack (Rt U6), soon to become Old Salopians, who were having their final aerial experience after a long stint of four years in the CCF. They are two of an ‘elite few’ who have put additional effort into gliding training and have earned solo gliding wings through the RAF Section. Ben asked his pilot for something a little more extreme… As his instructor just so happened to have flown F-15 and Tornado GR4 aircraft through his career, Ben was treated to a number of the Tornado display team moves first hand. Pulling a number of loops in quick succession at around 4 ‘G’ was a highlight, as was the ‘cuban-8’, and Ben had a go at some of the manoeuvres himself!

Ben (above) just after his first solo glider flight and (below) about to take off at RAF Cosford


In the Grob Tutor aircraft (pictured below), which is the first aircraft service-men and women use in their military flying training, each cadet had a 30-40 minute flight, with almost all of that time spent at the controls. All had some prior flying training through the gliding opportunities that the RAF Section offers, so were able to move quickly past the basic manoeuvres that most cadets would learn on Air Experience Fights and learn to perform a number of aerobatic manoeuvres themselves.



Ivan and Alan about to board


Jack (and pictured below after his first solo flight in the summer)

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