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Foundation Fortnight – in the words of our pupils

Friday 19 September 2014

Many thanks to Sherry He (MSH), Giles McLoughlin (Rb), Oscar Mattinson (Rb) and William Stocker (R) for writing about their first week at Shrewsbury. 

Sunday 31st August
Will Stocker: I was feeling really nervous as we drove up to Rigg’s Hall, as I didn’t know what to expect.  I had been before of course, but this was for real!  In the Link, we were greeted by two Fourth Formers who led us to our rooms. Once in my room I unpacked my clothes and found out who my roommates were. They seemed really nice.  After we had unpacked, we went into the Private Side, where my Housemaster Mr Middleton gave a talk about settling in to Rigg’s and Shrewsbury. Once he had finished, there was a hard moment to come – we said goodbye to our parents and were taken to the Ashton Theatre for the Headmaster’s Address. It was actually quite exciting because this would be the first time our entire year had gathered together as a group.  After this we walked to Kingsland Hall, had supper and got to know each other a bit more. At 9.00 we had hot chocolate with Mr and Mrs Middleton and discussed the next day. As I went to bed, I didn’t feel tired – I was just really excited for the start of the new day.

Monday 1st September
Oscar Mattinson:  Monday was my first full day, and I woke especially early to make sure that my morning was not rushed, as it is every other day of the year in our household. After a bowl of crunchy nut, and a shower, I put on my shirt, trousers, shoes, and black blazer with shiny gold buttons. Then, I was driven to school; ready to start my dayboy adventure.

When I arrived, other Third Formers, Sixth Formers, my Housemaster and many more greeted me warmly. I had my first Call Over, which is basically an assembly, which consists of only your house, to make sure that everyone is in school. After call over, I had lessons, which were interesting. I met many new teachers and found the work relatively easy. I had a tutor period, which is a time when you talk to your tutor about academics, sport, music, and life at Shrewsbury so far. Of course, everything is perfect until you look inside your Top Schools diary and see pages after pages of need-to-be-done work!

I went to the Societies Fair, which was enjoyable, and I had the chance to sign up for fantastic activities, like beekeeping, archery, debating, and many more. I wasn’t so enthusiastic about long-distance running club though – the vests you have to wear are itchy and stick to a sweaty back like glue. Not pleasant!

Sherry He:  I was really nervous when I first tried to talk to someone here.  However, I soon got used to just giving it ago and found I made friends quickly. The students in the year above us are really helpful too. They directed us the buildings and classrooms and chat to us at night in house. Our lessons began at 9am. One of my first lessons here was Philosophy. All my lessons have been full of fun and I enjoy learning from my new teachers. On the first afternoon we had a Societies Fair in the Quod, where the Sixth Form Common Room is. I chose Robotics Society for my first term, and I was delight that I could do robotics at this school.

Tuesday 2nd September
Giles McLoughlin:  The day started off with a reassuring lecture by Dr Morgan. He helped us through the timetable and told us what to look out for. After lunch we had an introduction to Music. Being a musician myself, I enjoyed it and found it useful. We had our Boat Club swim test to try and qualify to go rowing on the river. It tested our swimming strength and I passed. Just about… We also had an introduction to Football: my house Radbrook played Porthill. The Dayboy Derby! We played well as a team but sadly lost.

Wednesday 3rd September
Will Stocker:
    On Wednesdays we start at 9.00 and have 5 lessons followed by an afternoon of sport; in our case we played football and cricket.  Meanwhile other houses played fives and rowed. The best thing about today was when Mr Middleton asked us all to help him with his ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’.  All 13 of us poured bins of water on Mr Middleton, which was great fun!  Even better was the Thai takeaway curry that we got in the evening! We then had Top Schools and once we were finished we talked about the day ahead. I was beginning to feel quite tired!

Sherry Ho: All the girls had an introduction to rowing on the river on Wednesday afternoon. Some of my teachers also rowed with us. This free mixing had a good effect on all the students here.

Thursday 4th September
Oscar Mattinson:   Thursday was also a normal day of lessons, until 2pm, when we had the Big Third Form Challenge. This is the first time the School has done it and I’m sure that they will continue. The Big Third Form Challenge is planned to make the Third Formers socialise, and it does work indeed. I met many new people and had lots of fun. The challenge was to protect an egg in rubbish and then drop it from the second floor of the Main School Building. To the dismay of my team, we lost, and also found out that wrapping an egg with a Sainsbury’s carrier bag is not very good protection…

Friday 5th September
Giles McLoughlin:   By day five, I am absolutely shattered. Everything’s new and I’m a bit overwhelmed. It’s unusual but great to meet people from different countries. It’s been awesome to try out new sports, especially rowing, which I didn’t think I’d like. It taught me to go ahead open-mided and try new things. Joining Shrewsbury was one of the best decisions of my life and I have no regrets.

Saturday 6th September
Will Stocker:   We only have half a day of lessons on Saturday and in the afternoon we play sport. Since it was the end of the first week, we had the Third Form Race. Harry Remnant from Churchill’s finished first and in the team competition Rigg’s came first.  As our house was named as the winner, we all cheered.  It was an amazing feeling, and a great way to finish the first week.    Even though we were pretty tired, there was more sport where all boys’ houses played football and girls either played fives or cricket.  In the evening there was the Third Form Quiz, which was relaxed and good fun.  Plus we got pizza! 

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