Shrewsbury School

Foundation Fortnight 2014

Thursday 18 September 2014

‘Foundation Fortnight’ is an important bit of ring-fenced time for our new Third Formers to find their feet. At the end of a packed programme of inductions to sport, music and other activities, we hope that they are all left with a feeling of excitement that, as they settle in to life at Shrewsbury, huge possibilities and opportunities lie awaiting them. As Head of Third Form, Dr Torin Morgan reports, our Third Form boys and our first ever cohort of Third Form girls appear to be settling in very happily. 

"It’s a great perk of my job to get to meet all of our youngest new entrants individually within the first fortnight of their arrival. Having visited all 13 houses, to try to learn 153 new names, I’m happy to report they are a bumper crop in both quantity and quality! They seem as proud to be here as we are to have them.

With Prep School behind them, they seem ready for new challenges and experiences and I hope we have already managed to show them a whole lot of what Shrewsbury has to offer. Hobbies and activities were on show at a buzzing Societies Fair on day one; there was an Introduction to Music on day two, with a follow-up programme of auditions; and we served up a positive smörgåsbord of Salopian sports every day to cater for every appetite. Many boys and girls I spoke to were elated after their first ever experiences on the river, or playing Fives, or practising in a world class cricket school: here was something new, perhaps the start of something big...

The first two Thursday afternoons saw The Big Third Form Challenges: eggs flew in wonderful cardboard contraptions from top floor windows of the Main School Building, and the Alington Hall was witness to crazed marketplace wheeling and dealing in paper triangles and post-it notes.

The riotous annual Quiz on the first Saturday night had the Alington Hall rocking to the music round and was fuelled by record-breaking amounts of pizza: friendly inter-house rivalry was already starting to grow in the wake of the New Entrants’ Race earlier that day! The Alington Hall has also seen the Third Form in more sober mood – two sets of tests sat there allow us to understand the current aptitudes of our new boys and girls, to help us to serve them efficiently in their education.

The boys and girls have begun to show us the first glimpses of their exciting potential. On the second Saturday of term, inter-house football and hockey tournaments made new heroes of many; and at the New Entrants’ Concert – a wonderful, celebratory event - we were bowled over by the commitment and talent up there on the stage.

What wonderful energy Shrewsbury School inherits with each new year."

Some of our new Third and Fourth Formers have written about their first week at Shrewsbury. Please see: Foundation Fortnight - in the words of the pupils

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