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The Friends of Shrewsbury School Hong Kong Dinner

Wednesday 8 November 2017

On the evening of Tuesday 31st October, the Headmaster, Mark Turner, and the Foundation Director, John Rolfe, joined the newly appointed Principal of Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong, Ben Keeling, at a dinner hosted by the Friends of Shrewsbury School Hong Kong (FSSHK). 

The FSSHK are a very active group of current and former parents and Old Salopians, who meet regularly to share fellowship and to promote the name of Shrewsbury School, and they provide tremendous support for Salopian families living in Hong Kong.

Almost 50 guests met at the Tsui Hang Village Restaurant in Central Hong Kong and enjoyed a delicious 11-course Chinese banquet that included roast suckling pig, dressed crab and a range of other local delicacies. 

The Headmaster gave a short presentation outlining the exciting developments and plans for the refurbishment of the Ashton Theatre.  The new theatre complex will provide state-of-the-art facilities to support the development of the creative arts, which has been rapid as the School has moved to full co-education.  It is proposed that the new theatre will be called ‘The Charles Wall Theatre’, in honour of the lead donor. 

As part of the new complex, the Headmaster talked about how wonderful it would be if the Friends of Shrewsbury in Hong Kong could combine to sponsor the foyer area.  To be able to re-open this as ‘The Friends of Shrewsbury Hong Kong Foyer’ would be a significant achievement in support of these ambitious plans.  The Headmaster also showed a short video, created by the School’s Film Fellow, David Clifford, about the need for this project and outlining how pupils and staff would be able to benefit once the new theatre is commissioned.

The banquet provided plenty of opportunity for convivial discussion, and towards the end of the meal there was a question and answer session that covered a range of topics.  There was also widespread acknowledgement that the recent appointment of Mike Wright as Director of Internationalism had already done a great deal to facilitate communication to the benefit of students both in Hong Kong and in the UK.

The guests were delighted to meet Ben Keeling, the recently appointed Principal of Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong, which will open its doors in September 2018.  Ben Keeling offered the Friends’ Executive Committee the opportunity to meet in the new school, once it has been officially opened.  There is growing interest in the opening of the new school, which will provide a physical point of contact for all those supporting the FSSHK.

The Headmaster finished by thanking the Friends’ Executive Committee for their outstanding work in supporting Martin Cropper and the Admissions team when they visit Hong Kong for the annual Student Recruitment Fair.  The Friends of Shrewsbury School Hong Kong have a reputation for being the most dynamic and supportive group of parents of any UK school.

Best wishes and many thanks are extended to the Friends for all the work that they do on behalf of Shrewsbury School UK.

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