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Future Shrewsbury School pupil becomes published author

Thursday 18 March 2021

A prospective Shrewsbury School pupil has taken inspiration from her time at the school’s rowing club to write a poem that is part of a book she has had published.

Amelia B, a year eight pupil and Head Girl at Packwood Haugh, has written a book entitled Different Angles, a collection of 13 poems, a diary of emotions and events, published my Austin Macauley.

One of the poems was inspired by the time she spent with the Shrewsbury School Rowing Camp, with others covering events such as her boarding life at Packwood-Haugh, entitled ‘The Ingredients of a Cake.’

Now a published author, Amelia was selected to help announce the winners of our Prep School Essay competition and share her thoughts on knowing when she’s ready to write, how to overcome frustration when writing and how important it is for pupils to use their imagination.

She was interviewed by Maurice Walters, Deputy Head Academic about her writing.

Amelia intends to join Shrewsbury School in September, where her sister Eleanor is in fourth form in EDH.

The 12-year-old has already been interviewed on BBC Radio Shropshire, and with local newspapers also covering her story.

Different Angles will be released on March 31 and will be available from Waterstones, Amazon, WHSmith and Austin Macauley Publishers.

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