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GCSE and Lower Sixth Awards 2012

Monday 3 September 2012

Honorary Scholars 2012After a record-breaking year for GCSE results (for the second year in succession), Shrewsbury School is delighted to be in the position of awarding 45 honorary scholarships, exhibitions and exam prizes to pupils entering the Lower Sixth this term.

Honorary Scholarships have been awarded to the following 7 pupils:

H.R Fox (PH)
R.I.C Fraser (Ch)
M.Y.T Huang (S)
H.C Law (O)
S Pelling (EDH)
A.H Walker (O)
T.Y Wong (MSH)

Honorary Exhibtioners 2012and Honorary Exhibitions have been awarded to:

J Anderson (EDH)
E.W.J Harrison (I)
J.S.R Hodges (G)
T.F Lansdell (PH)
T.E.C Rowe (M)
H.M.E.W Scott (Rt)
Y.L.A Yu (M)

GCSE Examination prizes have been awarded to candidates with an outstanding number of A* grades:

L.W Arnold (M)
A.M Blandford (EDH)
G.W Bradshaw (S)
S.N Chandler (Rb)
C.L Chane (I)
J Cherukat (PH)
E.M Collins (MSH)
H.C.N Dashwood (SH)
E.A.M Dolphin (MSH)
D.B Hart (Rt)
T.E.H Harvey-Scholes (R)
K.T Hau (SH)
R.O Homden (Rb)
L.M Jeffcoate (Ch)
T.R.B Lloyd (Rt)
B.C.W Lyster-Binns (Ch)

E Osade (MSH)
C.J Papaioannou (PH)
T.J Price (G)
B.J Quirk (PH)
I.C Richardson (MSH)
J.W.J Shaw (Ch)
E.C Shawe-Taylor (O)
I.J Tenison-Collins (MSH)
A.Y.C Tsim (R)
I.M Turney (EDH)
R. St. C Wade (Rb)
J.W.D Warburg (PH)
H.L.G Warner (EDH)
H.L Wheeler (I)
E.D Williams (EDH)

Lower Sixth Exam PrizewinnersLower Sixth Examination prizes have been awarded to candidates with outstanding scores in their AS and Pre-U subjects:

T Bland (Rt)
H.J Cox (Rb)
E.J Elcock (Rb)
A Jin (EDH)
M Lawley (S)
R.M Parr (EDH)
H.C Partington (MSH)
E.J Pollock (I)
R Suemanothom (G)
K Vanich (MSH)
M.E Whittingham (MSH)

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