Shrewsbury School

GCSE Honorary Awards and Prizes

Friday 14 September 2018

Following the GCSE exams, 30 pupils have been awarded Honorary Scholarships, Exhibitions and Examination Prizes for achieving outstanding scores.

Honorary Scholarships (for achieving all A* grades) have been awarded to:

Edward Evans (PH)
Katie Ford (EDH)
Lara Gabbitas (EH)
Jude Huffer (Rb)
Mollie Matthews (EDH)
Anthony Siu (I)
Alexander Sparkes (I)
Nicholas Yale (S)

Honorary Exhibitions (for achieving 9 A* and the rest A grades) have been awarded to:

Poppy Collingwood-Cameron (EDH)
Artemis Cooper (MSH)
Johnnie Dowd (Rb)
Archie Eyre (Rb)
Thomas Gray (Rb)*
Frank Kelly (Rt)
Frederick Lawson (SH)
Almaz Razif (EDH)*
Jonathan Snell (Ch)

GCSE Examination Prizes have been awarded to existing Scholars and others who achieved at least 8 A* and the rest A grades:

Sophia Bureau (G)*
Thomas Castling (Rb)
Jamie Catto (Rt)*
Anna Cowan (MSH)
Charlotte Hancock (M)*
Connor Hickey (Ch)
George Lawrence (O)*
Olivia Leese (M)*
Araminta Plumptre (MSH)
Thomas Price (S)
Marcus van Wyk (Rb)
Kogi Yu (SH)
Kyra Zhou (G)*

* New Sixth Form entrant

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