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The Grove House Play 2012: 'Ten o'clock Angel'

Wednesday 8 February 2012

The Grove House Play 'Ten o'clock Angel' - rehearsal shots. Please also see slidewshow below

The Grove House Play was a tale of the eternal battle of good against evil, with some light touches and a good dose of comedy - most of it intentional! 'The Ten o' clock Angel' told the story of a not so good angel and a goody-goody demon coming back to earth for retraining at a remote abbey, and their antics with the members of that holy order. Set against this, the back-drop of a game show filming there with a special prize of an angel's blessing, and you have something of the plot.

All the actors and actresses delivered on the two night run; Jak Hannaby made a suitably impish angel, complemented well by an ethereally calm Jack Hodges playing the demon.

Good support came from girls from MSH and EDH - Amy Stockdale, Grace Pillsbury and Emma Pring proving great foils to the boys. Ben Smith was worryingly convincing as a sadistic abbot, and Sam Ansloos camped it up as the saccharine-sweet gameshow host Nause Gleamworld.

One of the great strengths of this play was that is was really an all - pupil effort, with Ben Gould proving a talented and energetic director. With more than 30 pupils involved, this was what a house play should be!


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