Shrewsbury School

Headmaster's Commendations

Monday 1 July 2019

The aim of the Headmaster’s Commendations is to recognise and reward outstanding academic achievement and intellectual curiosity. 

Congratulations to the following Third, Fourth and Fifth Formers who were awarded Headmaster's Commendations at the End of Term Assembly.

Third Form
Ekaterina Aksenova (EDH)
Archie Barlow (R)
Giles Berry (Rb)
Archie Collings (Rb)
Ryan Mupesa (S)
Edward Pickersgill (R)

Fourth Form
Gregor Beardsmore (Rt)
Huw Hackett Pain (SH)
Tobias Libreros (I)
Poppy Stephens (MSH)
Issy Thomassen (MSH)
Lingkai Zheng (S)

Lower Sixth Form
Poppy Collingwood-Cameron (EDH)
Tiggy Cowan Taylor (MSH)
Owen Fung (SH)
Caspar Hamilton (I)
Jude Huffer (Rb)
Frank Kelly (Rt)
Nicholas Liu (I)
Olivia Moir (MSH)

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