Shrewsbury School

Headmaster's Commendations

Thursday 4 January 2018

The aim of the Headmaster’s Commendations is to recognise and reward outstanding academic achievement and intellectual curiosity.

Congratulations to the following pupils, who were awarded Commendations at the beginning of Lent Term School Assembly. (Fifth Form Commendations will be awarded following the trial exams.)

Third Form
Ossian Finch (R)
Mew Hansiriphan (O)
Ella Ho (MSH)
Ranulf Prentis (Ch)
Poppy Stephens (MSH)
Dylan Tyack (PH)

Fourth Form
Albert Koch (Ch)
Phoebe Morris (EDH)
Charlotte Russell (G)
Adelaide Sillar (G)
Maarten Straube (O)
Billy Watkinson (S)

Lower Sixth
Veronica Munday (EDH)
Suky OuYang (MSH)
Adam Pattenden (S)
Chris Wong (SH)
Jenny Xu (G)

Upper Sixth
Damian Kam (I)
Boris Kwok (Ch)
Fiona Lim (EDH)
Angus Moore (S)
Eleanor Wycherley (MSH)

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