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Highlights from the Whole School Sponsored Walk – one week on!

Friday 1 October 2021

A week on from the Whole School Sponsored Walk, our Salopians have had a chance to reflect on what was an enjoyable and successful event.  

There is still time to support The Shewsy. Click here to go to our donations page.

The walk, which saw over 1000 members of Shrewsbury School take part, lead our walkers over the Long Mynd and Stiperstones in a 19-mile-long route in order to raise money for our youth club in Everton, The Shewsy.   

After the event, Brian Canfer, treasurer at The Shewsy, said: Both on behalf of the finance team and myself may I thank all the staff and pupils for their excellent efforts yesterday. It was obvious from the start to the very end that much careful thought had gone into the planning, preparation and execution and the ice-cream at the very welcome end was a stroke of genius. 

“The energy and enthusiasm of all concerned made the miles fly by and I’m still trying to work out which of the snacks was best, but all were very welcome and boosted energy and morale.  I can assure you that the generous funds raised will be put to good use over the next 5 years. Thank you all for such a memorable day.” 

Director of Activities Nick David added: “The 2021 sponsored walk was a huge success.  So far, we’ve raised in excess of £70k for The Shewsy which is incredible. 

“It was super to see members of The Shewsy walking with us and for me, there was a palpable sense of community as pupils, staff and guests walked together in a shared cause.  

“The feedback I’ve had is overwhelmingly positive and pupils appreciated, not just the landscape, but the ability to walk with whoever they liked; groups chatted, mingled and hopefully had wide ranging conversation with people they don’t normally come in to contact with.  

“The route was spiced with snack stops, a cooked lunch with music to accompany food and even three gliders, piloted by RAF cadets, who filmed the snake of walkers below.  

“Like 2016, we were again lucky with the weather, and we are so pleased so be able to raise a substantial sum of money for The Shewsy.” 

There is still time to support The Shewsy. Click here to go to our donations page.

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