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Iain Stewart's talk to the Geographical Association on 28th September

Thursday 6 October 2011

Left: Iain Stewart with Owen Chisholm and Ed Sankey (both S), the student representatives on the GA branch committee
Middle: Iain Stewart with Rob Morris
Right: Iain Stewart with most of the Geography Faculty

The Shropshire Branch of Geographical Association in conjunction with the Shrewsbury School Geography Society were pleased to welcome Professor Iain Stewart to Shrewsbury on the 28th September.

Professor Stewart is a professor of Geoscience Communication at Plymouth University (the only one in the world) and is a familiar face to BBC 2 viewers.  His previous documentary series on BBC 2 have included Earth: The Power of the Planet, How Earth Made Us and has also presented numerous editions of Horizon. He is a very familiar face to geography students at Shrewsbury through his TV programmes

For his talk to an audience numbering over 400, he spoke about his next series, due to be screened early in 2012 that has tentatively been titled 'The Green Planet' (or ‘How Plants made the Earth’). His talk was a journey going back 400 million years in Earth's history to discover how plants have shaped the face of our planet, taking a barren alien rock and hostile atmosphere and transforming it into the world we know today.

Iain Stewart in the Alington Hall September 2011Despite this being a departure from the programmes about hazards that most of the audience were familiar with, the audience were entertained by his talk that included pictures of the locations that he had visited for the new series. These included Hang Son Doong, the world’s largest cave system in Vietnam to the Eden Project in Cornwall, where he was locked in an airtight container for 48 hours with nothing but plants for company.

Professor Stewart has promised to come back to Shrewsbury at a later date to talk once again to the Shropshire Branch of Geographical Association and learn a little more about the Geography and Geology of Shropshire.

After the lecture a retiring collection for Shrewsbury House collected almost £500 that will be presented to the Shewsy on a Lower 6th form trip later in the year.


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