Shrewsbury School

Insight into Radio day

Friday 29 March 2019

On Thursday afternoon, a group of Salopians received an excellent insight into the radio industry from a new company called Radio Active.

Coming fresh from their breakfast slot on one of the region’s top commercial stations, Jo and Ed set up a challenge for the assembled Fifth and Sixth Formers of creating a 30-second advert for Shrewsbury School to go on air.

Drawing from their wide experience, they discussed how to keep your audience listening, how to appeal to a particular demographic and how to hone your message effectively in a short space of time. After a ‘blue sky thinking session’, they introduced the group to the recording equipment they’d use and showed them how to record and edit their clips.

In a high-octane afternoon, the pupils produced some highly entertaining adverts, providing some interesting tongue-in-cheek USPs of the School. The session provided an excellent chance for Salopians to develop both their communication, technological and teamwork skills as well as to see how marketing and media industries work.

Toby Percival

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