Shrewsbury School

Inter-House Athletics Competition 2019

Monday 1 July 2019

Some impressive performances, a return to summer weather, and a cheerful atmosphere of enthusiasm and house spirit made for an enjoyable afternoon of inter-house athletics on Wednesday.

Junior House Boys' Trophy: Rigg's Hall
Junior House Girls' Trophy:
Emma Darwin Hall
Junior Victor Ludorum: 
Ben Weston (R 3) 
Junior Victrix Ludorum: Kitty Scholes-Pryce (M 3)

Intermediate House Boys' Trophy: Rigg's Hall
Intermediate House Girls' Trophy:
The Grove
Intermediate Victor Ludorum: 
Nikita Martynov (Ch 5) 
Intermediate Victrix Ludorum: 
Liv Usher (MSH 5)

Senior Boys' Trophy: Severn Hill
Senior Girls' Trophy:
The Grove
Senior Victor Ludorum:
Tom Jackson (R L6)
Senior Victrix Ludorum:
Lillian Wilcox (EDH L6)

Ridgemount winning the Senior Cannon Relay
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