Shrewsbury School

Junior Beekeeping Awards

Thursday 12 September 2019

The British Beekeeping Association has awarded Junior Certificates to nine members of the School’s Beekeeping Society.

Congratulations to Johnnie Dowd (Rb U6), William Cowper (Rb U6), James Sykes-Waller (Rb U6), Maddy Flood (M 5), Ellie Letts (M 5), Garrett Healey (Ch 5), Henry Weir (O 5), Dominic Inglis-Jones (Ch 5), and Arthur Hope Barton (I 4), whose impressive knowledge and skills in apiculture were assessed last term.

“The Junior assessment syllabus ensures that candidates have a thorough basic knowledge of many key aspects of beekeeping, ranging from the jobs being carried out by the hive occupants in both summer and winter, to signs of diseases and how to keep a healthy colony,” explains Teacher-in-Charge of the School’s Beekeeping Society, Mrs Fletcher.

“On the assessment day itself, each group of students had a 15-minute oral assessment, a practical assessment inspecting the bee colonies, and they also had to present their beekeeping diary from their previous six weeks’ activity and produce a piece of creative work.”

The Beekeeping Society began at Shrewsbury School 45 years ago and is believed to be the oldest school beekeeping society in the country. Throughout those years it has also proved to be one of the School’s most popular societies and has inspired many of its members to take up beekeeping as a serious hobby.

“Our beekeepers join the Society initially for one year to learn some of the basics of how to look after bees,” says Miss Fletcher. “But because the challenges of this hobby are so fascinating, we find that a lot of them get hooked and return to the Society again in subsequent years. They also start to realise just how important it is to ensure we look after our pollinators to aid food production and maintain valuable ecosystems.”

Johnnie, Maddy, Ellie, Garrett, Henry and Dominic are pictured below with Jasmine Lo, one of last year's Presidents of the Beekeeping Society, who first joined the Society five years ago as a Third Former. She helped look after the bees and the younger students with her Co-President Chad Usher.

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