Shrewsbury School

Junior girls’ sport

Friday 19 September 2014

Our new cohort of Third and Fourth Form girls are already proving to be a force to be reckoned with on the sports field, as Head of Girls’ Games Nicola Bradburne reports.

As the junior girls started at Shrewsbury for the first time, we laid on an extensive sports programme to introduce them to some of Shrewsbury’s leading sports.  Girls took part in rowing, netball and fives sessions as well as lacrosse, hunt and cricket.  After their initial two-week foundation period, pupils chose their sports options. 

The first cohort of junior girls appear to be keen sportswomen, who have made a big impact in their short time here already.  There are large numbers of pupils at training sessions across a number of sports and there have already been two hockey fixtures for the U14/15s. The first hockey match was away at Oswestry School.  Whilst it was clear there are a number of very talented hockey players among the Third and Fourth Form girls, working as a team was obviously new to them and the focus for all.  Any concerns about teamwork were quickly put to rest when Shrewsbury went 1-0 in the first 10 minutes.  The goals continued to fly in, resulting in a final score of 11-0.  A fantastic result for our first every junior girls’ hockey match.

Match 2 was likely to be a harder contest against King’s Chester.  The school is a strong hockey school and players have been together for a number of years so had an advantage over Shrewsbury’s new team.  Again though, the girls did not disappoint.  Through strong attacking play, Shrewsbury went 1-0 up early on and continued to play well throughout the first half to lead 2-1 at half time.  The final score was an impressive 3-1 victory.  A great first week of fixtures for the junior girls.

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