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Just Published: Pupil creative writing anthology

Friday 21 September 2018

The third volume of Shrewsbury’s pupil-led anthology of creative writing, Fire Engine, is fresh off the press…

With a theme of ‘Homage’, contributions reflect talent from across the whole School, including prize-winning work from the Lower School and pieces from international pupils, whose creative sincerity shines through the challenge of writing in a second language.

In a year-long search for stimuli and engagement during Thursday afternoon activities, the creative writing group, shepherded by Mr Fraser-Andrews, have sought out the buzz of Birmingham’s contemporary art scene at the city’s IKON gallery and sci-fi city library, tramped among fossils on Wenlock Edge for some al fresco Housman, and ventured on a Battlefield tour of Shrewsbury’s blood-soaked, medieval past.

Edited with delicate vision by Maja Stockley (G) – and ably assisted by Koby Ferdinand-Okpala (SH) – contributors also include Lara Gabbitas (EDH), Silvia Pacheco-Lozano (MSH) and Albert Koch (Ch), as well as highlights from the Art Faculty’s Summer Exhibition 2018 by Sebastian Ingram (S), James Crewdson (PH), Archie Free (Rt), Rowan Walker (MSH), Damian Kam (I) and Pak Yin Lee (Rt).

The new volume closes, appropriately enough, with a respectful nod to Shrewsbury’s two most famous alumni and a much-loved former member of the Common Room in an imagined letter-exchange between the statues of Charles Darwin and Sir Philip Sidney on Central, the chosen task for this year’s Schützer-Weissmann Letter Writing Prize, which was organised by Mr Hudson and judged by former Head of Biology, Andrew Allott. The prize was generously endowed by Salopian parent Aidan Hartley in memory of the inimitable Schutz, former Head of the English Faculty, for whom a letter was always an occasion for kindness, thought and wit. (See news article: A Letter from Charles Darwin to Sir Philip Sidney)

Fire Engine Volume 3: Homage can now be enjoyed in the real world in a 36-page bumper edition, available now in Houses, from the Moser Library, or from E3 in MSB.

It is available in pdf form here: Fire Engine Volume 3

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