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Lacrosse Junior Team are runners-up in the U14 North Tournament

Friday 13 February 2015

Our junior lacrosse players had a very enjoyable and successful weekend. On Saturday 7th February they came second in the U14 North Tournament at Moreton Hall, and on Sunday Sophia Dixon, Phoebe Wasdell and Mimi Ashworth helped their U15 County team to victory against Cheshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire

The U14 North Tournament took place at Moreton Hall and the ten teams were split up into two groups, with Shrewsbury playing Moreton Hall A, Bolton School, Withington Girls School and Harrogate Ladies College. 

The girls won three out of the four games in their group. This result allowed them to make it to the Semi Finals against Packwood. After a close match they won 5 to 2, moving them into the finals against Moreton Hall’s A team. After a back and forth battle Shrewsbury lost 2 to 9. But placing second out of ten teams was a great result for our first year in the competition.

On Sunday, three of the Third Form girls, Sophia Dixon, Phoebe Wasdell and Mimi Ashworth, were selected and played with the U15 Shropshire County B Team. The tournament was held at Oxton Athletic Club and was an all-day tournament. They played three other counties including Cheshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Their first game was played against Lancashire and the girls played extremely well, winning 8-4. Their next game was against Cheshire, which they won 14-1. The final game against Yorkshire was also a win, with a result of 10-4.

The success within these three games meant that Shropshire were placed 1st in the County Tournament. Sophia, Phoebe and Mimi all played crucial parts in the team’s success and played very well. 

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