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Lower Sixth and GCSE Awards 2014

Monday 1 September 2014

After another record-breaking year for AS results, Lower Sixth Examination Prizes have been awarded to the following 23 students who achieved outstanding scores in their AS and Pre-U subjects:
Alexander Bird (S)
George Birt (PH)
Edward Carroll (Ch)
Ryan Cheng (I)
Sabrina Chu (MSH)
Daniel Edwards (S)
Jane Fan (MSH)
Imogene Hill (MSH)
Cindy Ho (G)
Tatty Hunt (EDH)
Sonny Koh (Ch)
Esme O’Keeffe (MSH)
Cecily Price (EDH)
Yutaro Sato (SH)
Theo Simmons (Ch)
Christopher Thomas (M)
Benjamin Tsang (R)
Ross Viljoen (PH)
Charis Virgo (G)
Merrick Wong (SH)
Sylvia Yeo (EDH)
Bryan Yick (M)
Sophie Zhou (EDH)

GCSE Awards
It has also been another excellent year for GCSE results, and we are delighted to award 30 honorary scholarships, exhibitions and examination prizes to students entering the Lower Sixth this term.

Honorary Scholarships have been awarded to:
Sasha Arridge (Rb)
Nat Chumbala (SH)
Thomas Edwards (S)

Honorary Exhibitions have been awarded to:
Guy Cabral (Ch)
Angus Hay (Rb)
Ben Jones (S)
Sally Joyce (G)
Luca Mattinson (Rb)
Alfred Mitchell (SH)
Henry Newbould (Ch)
Emily Skelton (EDH)
Tiger Vechamamontien (M)
Nicholas Watkins (M)

GCSE Examination prizes have been awarded to candidates with an outstanding number of A* grades:
Thomas Breese (PH)
Rory Champion (PH)
Joseph Davies (M)
Rhys Elliott-Williams (PH)
Naveen Garikapati (Rb)
Pascale Goddard (G)
Alfred Grocott (PH)
Soran Hazar (I)
Loren Kell (EDH)
Luke Lloyd-Jones (Rb)
Olivia Papaioannou (EDH)
Hamish Partington (PH)
Abigail Reynolds (G)
Benjamin Sansom (PH)
Louie Stewart (PH)
Ursule Taujanskaite (MSH)
Charles Wade (PH)

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