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Lower Sixth Form study trip to the Shewsy

Friday 4 October 2019

“Seeing the impact our school has on other people was incredible.” Lower Sixth Former Lucy Lees reports on last week's residential Social Studies course at Shrewsbury House, the School’s youth centre in Liverpool.

Last week, a group of 12 students including myself were lucky enough to visit the Shewsy youth club in Everton, Liverpool. While we were there we helped out in the youth club, we also learnt about economics and politics within the area and were lucky enough to meet the recently appointed Lord Mayor of Liverpool, who was extremely welcoming and inspirational.

On the first day we arrived in very good time and had a brilliant welcome from the Shewsy staff. We had an introductory talk before attending the Senior Club, for the local youth aged 13-18. The Senior Club runs from 7:30pm until 9:30pm and we were all able to integrate with the young people whilst using the amazing facilities in the Shewsy building, including ping pong and pool tables, amazing music rooms and a very popular kitchen.



It was the kitchen where I connected with the girls my age the most. The girls that I met were so happy when cooking and baking for everyone. The members in the music rooms were also so welcoming, and we even met a small band who were absolutely incredible. There was such a strong sense of community and we blended in with the Shewsy club members very smoothly.

On the second day we went to Liverpool Docks where we had a look around the Tate Liverpool and were allowed to wander round Liverpool for a few hours.

We got back to the Shewsy just before the junior session with the children aged 4-9. They were full of energy, ready to play and, like everyone at the Shewsy, were open and honest.

Afterwards, we went outside for 30 minutes to pick up as much litter as we could in the local area to do as much as possible to help the community in a bit of free time. We then went on to have our second and last session with the Senior Club where we saw some of the same young adults from the night before and a few new faces, including an extremely talented boy who performed a few songs for us. It was a wonderful evening and it really brought us a school group even closer to the Shewsy.

The final day seemed to come about so quickly. The morning started with a talk about politics and economics before a long session with the Shewsy staff. This session was so inspirational and it helped us all to understand how much the School’s work and fundraising has helped the community.

We also learnt about the massive impact that the Shewsy has on the local community and how much everyone cares for one another in the Shewsy itself.

We then went on a trip to see the Lord Mayor, which was such an honour and she was such an incredible woman. She explained her journey to becoming the first woman of colour to be Mayor of Liverpool and talked about how she plans to use her position in the future.

We went on to do our final session at the Youth Club with the juniors, which was quite emotional for everyone because of the amazing times that we had had. None of us wanted it to end. After the club session ended, the trip was coming to a close and it was so hard to say our goodbyes to the friends we had made over the few days.


The time spent at the Shewsy was an unforgettable one. Not only was it great careers-wise but seeing the impact our school has on other people was incredible. It was an extremely worthwhile experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to go again.


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